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Golf Lessons and Clinics instruction coaching training golfing personalized

Coach Dave's Turn Turn Academy.


Our golf instruction is based on a core belief that the golf swing is rotational.

"If it's moving it must be turning in balance!"

So we teach the simple "turn-turn" single plane golf swing as the root of all the golf swings.

With a balanced turn as the basis of the golf swing we help students focus on six key golfer abilities and skills:

  1. Balanced stance and grip (pre-shot)
  2. Consistent balanced sequential body rotation
  3. Repeatable rhythm and tempo
  4. Striking the ground where you want with a firm lead wrist
  5. Predicting and controlling ball flight
  6. Distance and distance control

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During each clinic and academy lesson, student swings are recorded in hi-def vide0. Go to:
to view the videos and individual image captures like the one above.

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